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Your website should be this good in form, as well as function.

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Websites Created by WEBVDO
Fat Cat Pizza #1
This is a demo website using the Wix Editor.

The Wix Editor offers visually stunning themed options tailor-made for your chosen template as well as many other editing features that provide an even more intuitive and personalized experience.
Divine Justice
A website in support of Environmental Justice in the State of Hawaii.
Fat Cat Pizza #2
This is a demo site using the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence Editor.

ADI asks you to answer a few questions and then automatically designs a unique site for you. The site includes personalized text, stunning images, videos and more, with numerous customization options.

While ADI is automated and easier to set up, the Wix Editor has more customization options
Encyclopaedia Africana
The Encyclopedia Africana Project is a proposed collection of scientific volumes of African knowledge, edited mainly be African scholars.

The EAP volumes are written mainly from the African point of view by people who know and understand the history and culture of African people.
The WEBVDO website serves as a portfolio for Website, Video and Social Media projects and Digital/New Media Workshops.
Kwanzaa (kwahn-ZAH) is an annual cultural observance, which is recognized by Black people from December 26 thru January 1, each year:

-- Kwanzaa is non-political.
-- Kwanzaa is non-religious.
-- Kwanzaa is not related to Christmas.*

* Annual Kwanzaa observances begin on December 26th, each year]
Your Website Here
Your Website Here
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If video is not in your Marketing & Social Media plan, you're not serious.


Social Media

Establish Your Social Media Presence & Mange It Like A Pro

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Prema Q YouTube Channel
Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides
Wix Pro FB Business Page
Facebook Groups
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Urgent | Interactive | Engaging | Unmissable

  • HIGH-QUALITY HD webinars with zero delay/latency.

  • Upload your slides and present without needing to share your screen.

  • Create a webinar in 10 seconds flat!

  • Works on any device in the world: laptop, iPhone, Android; you name it.

  • The most powerful webinar search engine in the world - making marketing your webinar more powerful.

  • Insert a pre-recorded video, at any time during your webinar.

  • Gorgeous LIVE offers in your webinar that can be timed or triggered, upon demand.

  • Questions + Polls + Offers Features

  • NEW: Webinar Replays

  • NEW: Broadcast 10 Minute Failsafe

  • NEW: Optional Social Sharing

  • NEW: Mobile Device Attendance

  • NEW: WebinarNinja Affiliate Program

    • Automated Webinars

    • Webinar Series

    • Hybrid Webinars

    • Free Webinars

    • Paid Webinars



Digital Media Technology Training: One-On-One & Groups

  • WEBVDO - Facebook Digital/New Media
 2018 WEBVDO Workshop Topics
Facebook LIVE 2018
How to make better Facebook LIVE Videos!
Facebook Cover Video 2018
How to Set Up a Facebook Page Cover Video!
Graphic Design 4 Social 2018
How to Design Graphics for Social Media!
Website Design 2018
How to build and maintain a stunning, state-of-the-art, Website!
Spreadsheets 2018
How to Create Spreadsheets in Google Drive!
Facebook Pages  2018
How to create Facebook Profile, Business & Group Pages!
Webinar Production 2018
How to produce a Webinar!
Canva for Business 2018
How to create graphics for Business Cards, Social Media Posts, Newsletters, Ads, eBooks, and more!
Pet Cam 2018
How to watch your pets when you're not home!
Take Credit Cards 2018
How to use Square to take credit card payments on-the-go!
YouTube Channel 2018
You to create a YouTube Channel!
Google My Business 2018
How to improve ranking in Google Search!
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Prema Qadir is a Civil Engineer & Digital Media Specialist with a passion for empowering People, Places, Ideas, Businesses, and Brands master Digital & New Media solutions essential for survival in the global economy.
Prema holds micro-credentials for Website Design, Video Production, Television Production, Graphic Design and Digital Document Management and has invested numerous hours of online training for Webinar Production, LIVE Video Streaming & Social Media Management.
After completing several small business classes, Prema observed that significant emphasis is placed on the importance of small business owners securing the expertise of "Trusted Advisors":




  • Accountant

  • Marketing Professional

  • Lawyer

  • Banker

  • Insurance Agent

  • Business Coach


Observing that there are areas of advisement that are not emphasized in small business classes, Prema’s mission is to fill the void in the following areas of expertise:




  • Graphic Designer

  • Social Media Manager

  • Video & Television Producer

  • LIVE Video & Webinar Producer

  • Webmaster


Your job is to be Everywhere.

Our job is to get you There!


Build it on a Laptop/Tablet.
Maintain it on your Phone!

Prema Qadir


Engineer | Webmaster | Videographer

LIVE Streaming Video & Webinar Producer

Social Media Manager | Teacher | Friend

Websites & Video Production Since the World Wide Web Hit the Windward Shores of Hawaii





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