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Of all the options, live video is the one to watch. A 2016 Buffer survey discovered more than 80 percent of marketers wanted to create more video. At the time, an impressive 42 percent wanted to target live video. In the same year, Facebook reported live videos were seeing as much as triple the watch time as traditional video. It also was garnering 10 times the comments. Live video is so effective because it’s authentic, human and littered with errors.


It's not just live video versus recorded video -- it's live video versus everything. According to Livestream, 82 percent of users would rather watch a brand’s live video than read the same company's social-media posts. A close 80 percent would rather tune in to a live video than read a blog post.


SOURCE: Entrepreneur Magazine, 2017, "How to Ride the Livestreaming Wave to Marketing Success"


Stream LIVE video to Facebook & YouTube!



Stream LIVE video to Facebook & YouTube!